Our services offer a great deal of flexibility. We are inherently adaptable in delivery approach. This means that the solutions are custom configured to fit varying client objectives to achieve future-oriented targets.

Our services are designed for companies wishing to enter or expand its presence on Korean or European markets. Our core location is the Czech Republic, and in close cooperation with our partners and expert network we can expand our services to all key locations. All our services are heavily on focused on business development, sales channel development, market analysis including strategy design and sourcing services, in which we have extensive experience. All of our services are carefully designed to match clients’ requirements at very cost effective way.

Core services

Business development




Sales reresentation

Sales representation

What to expect...

Business Development

  • Attracting new or additional market segments and customers, introduce new products & services, create strategic partnerships & alliances to keep sustainable growth
  • Identifying prospective buyers and new revenue-generating opportunities
  • Identifying, evaluating and implementing the right business development strategies
  • Consulting & advisory, followed by market screening and strategy
  • Tailored solutions for the business growth
  • Relationship building approach

Market Research

  • In-depth understanding of the market, competitors, potential barriers, customer habits, trends etc.
  • Valuable insights facilitating the decision-making process
  • Design and implement effective strategies

Supplier Search (Sourcing Services)

Our network covers a wide pool of category-specific companies, along with the assurance of the reliability and the efficiency enabling best-value sourcing. We provide customised selection of suppliers allowing procurement teams to focus on core strategic activities.

  • Scouting and matchmaking with best potential partner
  • Supporting certifications and approvals procedures
  • Alignment with company’s goals

FDI Advisory (Foreign Direct Investment)

Decision to expand and establish a presence in a market with different culture has many potential risks and challenges. 

  • Finding suitable potential location
  • Data analysis and location shortlisting
  • Government supports & Regulatory advice
  • Negotiation support

Partner Search / Customer Search

Our experience, market insight and network of contacts can help you to identify, select and successfully approach sales partners, suppliers, joint-venture partners or acquire targets corresponding to your intentions and expectations.

  • Minimizing risks while strengthening its position in a new market
  • Targets corresponding to your intentions and expectations
  • Local partners you can trust

Sales Representation

  • Efficient and effective alternative
  • Gaining market knowledge and obtaining proper contacts is often resources and a time demanding process

Additional services

In addition to our Core Services, we offer frequently requested services to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients. Through our partner network we cover all essential areas for successful business.

Interpretation support

Translation services

Legal support services


Oportunity identification

Market entry strategy